Explore an Infotainment System at Riverside Lincoln

Imagine having vehicle information, navigation, audio, and more available from a single screen. That’s what you can expect from an infotainment system. Thanks to new technology, it offers a better and safer driving experience for you in Macon, GA.

At Riverside Lincoln, we’ll show you how you can interact with the system. You may be able to use steering wheel controls or voice control. You can also use the touchscreen to access all of the different functions. All of these methods allow you to choose what’s easiest for you so that you can focus on the road.

With the ability to connect your smartphone to the system, you can be hands-free with a mobile assistant. You can ask for your mobile assistant (like Siri or Alexa) to read texts, respond to emails, and more. Plus, you can stream any audio that you desire, from playlists to audiobooks.

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