Knowing When to Use 4 x 4 Gear Ranges is Important

Here at our location in the Riverside Lincoln area of town, we enjoy helping our customers to drive more safely. Nowadays, many drivers choose to operate SUVs in hopes of increasing their safety margins. While this effort is a good start, it is also important for the drivers of such vehicles to know how to handle them if they offer 4 x 4 drive capabilities.

Many SUVs, pickup trucks, and even some cars offer the power and convenience of four-wheel-drive. This technology is designed to increase traction and torque during unstable driving conditions. Many 4 x 4 vehicles also offer a number of low gear ranges, and these include 4–Hi and 4–Low. Knowing when to use each of these specific 4 x 4 ranges is critical for safety and for durability.

Drivers who are operating in inclement weather or otherwise slippery road conditions but who also need to reach their destinations quickly can benefit from 4–High gear ranges. This setting allows drivers to reach speeds of up to 55 miles an hour while also enjoying the power of four-wheel-drive delivered to each wheel. The 4–Low setting is designed to provide maximum torque and traction under the worst conditions. Thus, 4- Low ranges are designed to operate at speeds no higher than 10 miles an hour. Operating at these speed ranges allows this setting to move equipped vehicles up steep terrain with ease.

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