The 2019 Lincoln MKC Provides Cruise Control Backup

The popular performance vehicle called the 2019 Lincoln MKC makes it easy for drivers to keep control. It boasts a long list of useful safety equipment that includes adaptive cruise control and intelligent all-wheel drive stability.

The 2019 Lincoln MKC adaptive cruise control system can give drivers more freedom than ever before. MKC drivers can input preset distance limits into their active cruise control systems. The system then takes over, using special sensors to monitor the position of vehicles in front of the MKC and using the brakes whenever necessary. This system can also resume normal travel after braking and uses innovative heads-up display (HUD) technology to increase driver awareness.

The 2019 Lincoln MKC intelligent all-wheel-drive system ably backs up the adaptive cruise control. The 2019 MKC intelligent all-wheel-drive system constantly monitors the traction levels of each tire. This system then balances power between each wheel, minimizing slips and slides in the process.

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