Technology Features to Fall In Love With on the Lincoln Navigator

When it comes to popular full-size SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator is definitely a name you think of. Riverside Lincoln has been in the business long enough to know this is a model that will stand the test of time. You can see it in action around Macon, and now it comes with new technology features worth mentioning.

Tech Features to Be Excited About

The following technology features help take the Lincoln Navigator to the next level:

Park Assist

This system allows your vehicle to control the steering to park seamlessly in tight spaces. You are going to fall in love with this feature and wonder why it has taken so long to finally get here.

Lane Keeping

The Navigator's Lane Keeping System is here to ensure you do not drift into another lane. This could happen to anyone, and it could be quite dangerous. Having a system like this gives you peace of mind and makes everyone on the road much safer.

These are just some of the technology features you can play with when you come down and test drive the Lincoln Navigator.



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