The Lincoln MKX is a Crossover With High-End Design

When you think "crossover," you probably think about practicality. The new Lincoln MKX can certainly handle itself in a variety of situations, and it can also provide drivers with a luxury experience.

The MKX seems to exude confidence. The sweeping exterior lines all seem to flow right into each other, resulting in a sleek look. The split-wing front grille adds to this feel as well. As a driver, you'll love the features packed into the seating. The front seats can both heat and cool, and they're programmable so that you can quickly adjust them into the proper position. They have 11 independent air bladders for comfort, and seven of those offer massage. At Riverside Lincoln, we've noticed that this is one of the features that people seem to love.

When you want to travel in style, you can jump right into a Lincoln MKX and take off while everyone watches you.



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