Signature Lighting on the Lincoln MKZ

Be seen day or night in the new Lincoln MKZ. This popular mid-sized luxury sedan has an exterior lighting system that's as beautiful as it is functional. We here at Riverside Lincoln in Macon, GA are excited to show you just how stunning this luxury car is.

On the front of the MKZ, you'll find angular headlights and LED accent lighting. The headlights take on a sleek angular shape. However, within the housing, there is a ribbon of LED light. It has a more organic and curvy shape to contrast the sculpted lines of the hood. Below the headlights, there are additional LED fog lights.

The Lincoln MKZ also has a unique light mat. When you approach the car with your key FOB in your bag or pocket, a square of light will illuminate the ground. The light is projected from equipment below the side mirror housing. The mat includes the iconic Lincoln logo.

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